Met Office integration: add "Visibility" and "Pressure" to the "weather" entity

Both “pressure_unit” and “visibility_unit” attributes are present but not the respective values.

“visibility_distance” does apper as a separate entity “sensor”, not the case for “pressure”

It would be nice to be able to get all those value from the one entity “weather”

So why don’t you create a template sensor for that yourselves?

  - sensor
    name: visibility
    state: "{{ state_attr('yourweathersonsor', 'visibility_distance') }}"

Would love to have the knowledge to create my own integration and include all those attributes with it, unfortunately I don’t.
Believe a feature request (not a demand) is the sensible think to do.
Nevertheless the “visibility” and “pressure” already exist as separate sensors, no need for anyone to create their own, but that cannot be added to a weather card separately, or can it?

In the meantime, I will continue to look into other alternatives to navigate the currect lack of attributes mentioned, while hoping that either the HA Devs or someone with mre knowledge than I is able to provide further advice.

OK, well… to be fair…other weather integrations do have these too
What I meant was: you can create template sensors that use those very same figures from the main sensor. I was not hinting to create our own integration

Template - Home Assistant (

Yes there are a few workarounds at this point I can look into, not much of a problem.
But a sensor to list all the attributes from a weather integration is a lot more complex than the rewards, specially for those that report hourly.

I have found it wierd that the “visibility” and “pressureunits were included in the entity, therefore assuming that their “values” were not intentionaly missed.

I’ve had this integration installed for a long time, and after looking just now noticed that I had a lot of entities that are no longer populated by it:

  • Station name
  • Feels like temperature
  • Wind direction
  • Wind gust
  • Visibility
  • Visibility distance
  • Humidity

These were all available 3 hourly and daily. Now I only see some 3 hourly entities, and some are completely gone. I think the Met Office changed its API so I am guessing that they removed some of these values and some references have been left in the integration.


Most of the ones you mentinoned exist as separate sensors

Definitely something changed then, but can see those added as separate sensors tho, perhaps something can be done/updated to include the same values as an attribute of the “weather” entity!

Actually, they were all disabled - I enabled them, and they populated. I don’t remember disabling them, but perhaps I did…

believe mine may also have been added as sensors in a “disabled” state to start with, but not included as “attributes” of the “weather.” entity, which is where I would expect them to be.
If you check the “weather.met_office_xxxxxxxx_daily” (or “_3_hourly”) entities, “pressure” is missing but it does list the"pressure_unit"

Yes - I see that now.