Meta: Reopen 2 year old thread or create new one

I feel like I am getting mixed messages from discord:

When I create a new post, it suggest old posts based on my subject line and tries to encourage me to engage in them instead of creating a new one, which makes sense. But then when I start writing a new reply for that existing thread, it tells me “oh, this thread is 2 years old, maybe you wanna create a new post instead?”, which also makes sense, but traps me in an infinite loop :slight_smile:

What do people prefer? Reviving a 2 year old post for a similar issue or creating a new one?


Things change so quickly you probably should create a new thread if the existing one is that old.


Also, with HA changing so fast many solutions in a 2 year old thread may no longer apply to recent versions.

I say when in doubt, open a new thread. Many times user post in the same thread with similar symptoms but a different underlying issue. This creates confusing havoc for a volunteer trying to assist in the thread.


Thanks. That is what my feeling was, too.

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I really appreciate the question. :+1: :+1:

On a different forum, people even chain on to old threads marked as solved because the THINK their current problem applies. HINT: If the discussed solution did not solve your problem, yours id not the same :wink: