Meteo-Swiss integration, fixed and properly working — beware: not the one available by default in HACS!

The Meteo Swiss HACS integration — providing the most accurate weather / meteorological data in Switzerland — by @websylv was broken for over a year.

I finally forked it, and fixed most of the issues it had.

Follow instructions on that link to migrate to (or add) this integration.

I am applying to replace the broken HACS default integration with mine. Adds new integration [Rudd-O/homeassistant-meteoswiss] by Rudd-O · Pull Request #1718 · hacs/default · GitHub . If you can help with this, that would be amazing. Thanks.


Hello, thanks for this work ! I am trying to install from HACS, still I keep seeing the old, pre-fork version. Any idea how to install (make visible) the new version ? Thx

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Delete the old one first from your setup (uninstall the integration from Devices & Services, then delete it from the list of downloaded HACS repositories). Then ensure you have added the new repository (linked above) in HACS under Integrations (not Lovelace). In between delete and add, I would recommend a HA restart just to be sure.

When you search for the integration in the list of HACS repositories, you should be able to see Meteo Swiss and at the top left it should say @Rudd-O. That’s how it worked for me.

If this is still not working, I may have to just rename it altogether on the repository. Frustrating, but please do let me know if this is necessary.

EDIT: I renamed it to Meteo Swiss (forked).

Hello, I was able to install on the base of instructions! All worked as expected! Thanks, Luca

thanks a LOT! I also think that Meteo Swiss has the most accurate data, I am very glad to see the integration working again.

question: Is it also possible to include forecast data from Meteo Swiss, for example this data:

forecast condition, min and max temperature

That’s already included. Just use a weather card that supports it.

sounds awesome! sorry for asking again, I do use a weather card but I dont have a weather.XX entity from Meteo Swiss which I could use within the weather card app. As of now I use OpenWeatherMap for the forecast.

Could you please explain how you I can use the forecast-entity?

You should have a weather entity!

I’ve pushed a massive code quality update that should result in:

  1. Much easier and friendlier setup.
  2. The ability to trace any errors you’ve been experiencing with proper exception logging.
  3. Unique IDs on the entities, resulting in the ability to customize sensor and weather entities.

The translations files could use an update. I don’t speak half of these languages. Thanks in advance for any code contributions.

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I’ve pushed another update that lets you know (in the Repairs section of Home Assistant) if the station you are using has stopped providing data. This should address some issues people were having.

More info here: Error adding entities for domain weather with platform meteo-swiss · Issue #1 · Rudd-O/homeassistant-meteoswiss · GitHub

seems to be working great, I deleted the integration in HACS, re-installed it and now the forecast works great, thanks a lot for making this integration working again!

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I’m happy it’s working out for you!

Hi Rudd-O,

Everything works great thank you! Do you also get the problem that sun irradiation stops reporting?? For instance the last update was 24h ago… its now stuck at the exact same value. Tried reinstalling and even using other weather stations, but still same problem.

I haven’t gotten that problem, no. Can you enable debug logging and see what data you’re getting?

Hi Rudd-O,

Thanks for your quick reply!

So I enabled the debug logger. Seems that the entities are not updating regularly. I found this:

2023-02-09 06:49:20.069 DEBUG (MainThread) [custom_components.meteo-swiss] Data will be updated through VEV at post code 1066 every 900 days, 0:00:00

That was the last entry in the log for this component. So no entity update for 48h.

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LOL that is a bug in the logging line. 900 seconds it should read. Will fix right away.

It’s fixed. You must update and restart.

Thank you so much to everyone who has reported issues! You have made this integration much better than before through your reports.


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The latest pushed version of the integration supports making the selection of the real-time weather data optional. Selecting no weather station disables the real-time weather sensors.

Sorry guys but it doesn’t look like this integration is going to get on HACS:

The dev I asked for review just closed the PR to replace the broken integration without comment.

This is the PR: Adds new integration [Rudd-O/homeassistant-meteoswiss] by Rudd-O · Pull Request #1718 · hacs/default · GitHub

I will continue to maintain the fork separately. The original developer is welcome to make the necessary fixes to hamsclient and the integration tself — all the code is published under the same license.