Meteobridge error, so updated, then more errors

Meteobridge started acting up about a week ago. I have been running the datalogger on a Raspberry PI successfully for the last 6 months.

I can log into the PI with putty fine, and the web frontend of Meteobridge works fine. login/password hasn’t changed. The upload to Weather Underground is also still working fine.

Saw a “failed to load” error on the integration page, so went to HACS and saw that Meteobridge integration needed an update. So did that. Still getting errors.

So, tried deleting and re-adding the integration. Getting “Unknown error” after entering IP and username/password, and these are showing up in the log.No idea where to start (other than here :slight_smile: )

Figured it out.

License on Raspberry PI version of meteobridge had expired back in January. I restarted the PI a few days ago and that is when it stopped working. Apparently the license check only happens at startup, so if it keeps running after the license expires, nothing happens and it keeps logging until you restart the PI.