Methods of integrating Somfy RTS blinds into HA?

I have just installed 6 Somfy RTS blinds (sadly and somewhat oddly, the IO motors do not seem to be available in the UK).

As far as I can see there are two methods of achieving integration with HA

RFLink with RFXTRX433E


The Somfy Integration with Connexoon RTS

I would be grateful for any opinions that Somfy users may have about either of these two methods.

Hi Brian
I have some Somfy RTS blinds and a Connexoon RTS, I am using the Somfy Tahoma custom integration via HACs at present and its working fine and is very easy to setup with a Somfy account. Blinds open / close in good order, very little lag.
The only thing i haven’t managed is being able to part way open or close the blinds, think this is a result of the motor in the blinds as i couldn’t get it to work in the Somfy mobile app either.

Thanks for the feedback Willowone. Looks as if the Connexoon is the way to go.

i now use a tahoma hub but before buying that I used a remote, programmed it to work all the blinds together, then used a 2 channel sonoff soldered to the remotes buttons. I only changed as the wife wanted to control them separate via voice.

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I used the Bond BD-1000 with other RF devices with great success (not a Broadlink fan here).

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Hi Phillip which Tahoma hub do you use?

Hi Dansker Unfortunately this product does not seem to be available in the UK.

its this one, not cheap either

Indeed. That seems to be functionally equivalent to my existing Velux Active, except unfortunately the Velux Active does not handle RTS. The cheaper Connexoon only handles RTS but that will be enough for my needs. My 5th Hub! :unamused:

I have been using RFLink for quite some time with 3 Somfy blinds

My experience:


  • cheap (or very cheap if DIY)
  • multiple devices control (not just RTS covers)


  • high and non-homogeneous response time
  • no cover position / no switch state
  • and all the RF cons (limited range, reliability,…)

But there are also some custom implementations that allow you to have a ‘calculated position’ for your covers and make avalaible the set_position command. It is not a robust solution: position comes from estimations and calculated values and RFLink adds random response times, but it is great for automations.

It would be preferable to have real feedback from the cover, and any alternative that allows knowing the real position will be better, but in my case, it is worth it, as almost all blind control is automated or makes use of fixed positions (open, closed, MY).

I’m interested in this also. I’m hoping to have 9 motorised Venetians fitted soon. At the moment they seem to be lost in COVID land.

My plan is to link them using an RSXtrx433XL. I have the hardware all set up. I’m just waiting for the blinds. I want to be able to control the tilt from HA so the Connexoon or Tahoma options don’t look to give me the control I want.

Should be a fun project for the next month - assuming the damn blinds ever arrive!

Yes this lack of feedback is the big problem with the RTS protocol.

In the openingspost, you mentioned the above, but this is incorrect. You have to use the ‘rfxtrx’ integration with a RFXTRX443E. Or you can use the RFlink integration with RFlink devices. The first is plug and play, but more expensive, the last is more DIY, but cheaper.

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Noted. Thank you. (But I have now gone for the Connexoon)

I am also using RFlink to control multiple somfy curtains and awnings. And i have instant response time, and have never seen any response time over 1 sec.

(Sorry for the offtopic)

@djeclemen, thanks for your answer, could you tell me which RFLink hub you have?
Mine is a DIY with a ‘Mega 2560 PRO mini’, separated receiver (SRX882) and transmitter (STX882) each with its own antenna.

@Dansker: Did you buy this in Europe?

Bought in the US, on eBay…

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Regarding the control of Somfy roller shutters, I have now found a simple and reliable solution.
I use a SIMU Hz transmitter that can do RTS.

SIMU Hz Mikro Funksender Funk Rolladen Rolladenmotor passend auch für Somfy RTS


I use a Shelly2.5 as the control unit, and I put both together in a deep installation box.
The only downer is that the transmitter is powered by a simple 3V battery.



Hi Javilacalle, I am using RFlink on my blinds and it works fine through home assistant. (I have an Entity card with each blind where I have an up, stop and down button. These operations work fine.)

What doesn’t work for me is the MY position. That is, if the blind is up and I press the stop button from home assistant, the blind should go to the MY position (this does work on the physical key of the somfy remote that I have on the wall and the blind is positioned in the MY position that I have programmed) but no matter how much I press the home assistant stop button, the blind does not move.

Could you help me on how to solve the MY position from home assistant?