Metrics explorer

I keep state data indefinitely and frequently want to have a look at a specific timeperiod (for example to check what the power savings are if I turn off my coffee machine in the afternoon for 2h). To achieve that I am having a view that is littered with graphs which I mostly use once and then at some point remove again.

It would be great to have a metrics explorer that lets you choose one or more states and a timeframe. The history page is not well suited for that since it requires a restart to change the metrics being displayed but it is the only option to get a date picker.

How are others achieving that?

I would look at exporting the sensor data to InfluxDB or Prometheus. HA doesn’t serve well as a DB for long term metrics. Influx/Prometheus + Grafana are a good combination (I’m using Influx).

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I am aware that the databases home assistant is using are not well suited for time series. So far I was hesitant introducing yet an other database to the mix simply because mysql is capable of performing what I need and not even close to its limits.

Is there any way to integrate graphana smoothly from a UX perspective?