MFA for Nabucasa cloud


not a feature request for HA but for Nabucasa Cloud account administration.

Nowadays there shouldn’t exist publicly accessible services only secured by username/password but with MFA. Still, our Nabucase Cloud account admininistration is lacking MFA. Even thought I have access to:

  • Remote UI (yeah, I secured that one with MFA)
  • Subscription and payment
  • Delete my account
  • Changing password
  • Changing email preferences

Too much for not being secured with MFA.

Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

I’ve had it a couple of times where I had to login to nabu casa and remember thinking I am missing some 2fa layer. Definitely voting up!

How is this not a thing yet…should be number 1 on the list for security. Please give any updates.

Please, please, DO implement MFA. It scares me every time I login to this thing and am not asked for a 2FA authentication. Literally anyone in the world could login to my system, if they’re able to get hold of my password.

I was surprised there was not even TOTP as a possible option for 2FA. Please do implement this as soon as possible; I feel rather insecure using this service otherwise :frowning:

It is totally unacceptable that my complete HA environment is open to the world behind a username and password only.

This is exactly the reason why I now canceled my subscription (Even though I really would like to support Home Assistant).
I posted this discussion for over 2 years ago, still nothing happened. This is far too risky.

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