MHCOZY/eWeLink 2 Channel Relay issues with Node Red

Hi all, I’m having a very strange issue. For my front and back doors I have the Amcrest AD410 Doorbell Cameras. They work great, but I could never get their mechanical chime box to work right. So instead I put in a Zigbee Relay to ring the doorbell when the doorbell camera is pushed. The Doorbell Chime relay is the ZB-SW01.

I’m using Node Red to look for “on” from the doorbell cam button, to trigger the relay and sound the doorbell chime. It is working great.

However, I’ve recently ran into issues where my basement/backdoor doorbell cam goes offline. A power reset brings it right back online. To make that easier and to hopefully automate it next, I installed a ZB-SW02 2 channel relay so I can reset power to either of my doorbell cams if needed.

The ZB-SW02 discovered into Home Assistant just fine and works through the Home Assistant GUI as I expect, but for some reason, when I push the doorbell button the Node Red automation triggers both the ZB-SW01 and the ZB-SW02. So my doorbell chime sounds, but the doorbell cameras turn off too.

To troubleshoot, I’ve tried re-configuring the Node Red flow to make sure I’m calling the service for the right relay, but that didn’t change anything. I’ve also set up a test automation in HA rather than Node Red and that does work as expected.

Any suggestions?