MHI-AC-Ctrl-ESPHome and TADO: How can I use the temperature sensor of a TADO instance in MHI-AC-Ctrl-ESPHome

I’ve setup MHI-AC-Ctrl-ESPHome in my office and the unit is very close to a high wall, so the internal temperature reading from the unit is a lot higher than it should be.

I’ve read all toturials and searched the forum but I’m still lost.

I understand that I can post a sensor-value in a MQTT-topic, so that MHI-AC-Ctrl-ESPHome will read that value instead of the original (internal) one. I got MQTT working, but I am stuck at this point. Any lead to how I can configure MQTT and MHI-AC-Ctrl-ESPHome so that the TADO sensor will be used is highly appreciated.