Mi Band 3/Amazfit BIP Integration [Updated 10/01/2019]

Hi James Its Fantastic!! problem solved :blush: thank you very much!! if you come to naples italy let me know you have a pizza and coffee paid :smile: … I also added to the sensor in configuration yaml forced_up: true I don t know if it can be used to get updates … anyway run good… thanks again

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Can’t find Heartrate and Weight icon images…

Is anyone know why com.mc.miband.tasker.fellAsleep is working on my miband4, but not com.mc.miband.tasker.wokeUp or com.mc.miband.tasker.notWearing ? Thanks

What about Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

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That is amazing, how?

Any chance for miband 4 compatibility? I’d love to put everything to sleep when I’m in deep sleep

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Its working for miband 4 which I’m currently use. However if you are running Android phone then you will need to purchase notify & fitness apps. Else sync between the apps and google FIT will be a nightmare - sometimes it sync but maybe it will sync again after 2-3 days… but sometimes it sync half of day.

Is someone having issues with the lovelace card? i’m running the last version of the Home Assistant 0.110.1 and since i upgraded, the card isn’t working anymore (the sensors work, but not the card)
Error: Cannot read property ‘states’ of undefined

Just found this repo, anybody want to try it? It is a REST api for xiaomi (and other i believe) fit bands.

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Slightly off topic but what would be the best way to make home assistant trigger the the mi band vibrate enough to wake someone up from sleep for when my baby is crying.

(My home assistant uses movement and sound sensors to calculate whether the baby is just rolling over or unsettled or crying.)

Just found this page. I am curious, is there any way to get it to work with Gadgetbridge for the Mi Band 3?

Is it possible to import data from the Miscale 2?

Using ESPHome and esp32 I believe it is possible.
see here -

hassio/mqtt (what I used)


Using esphome:


is there a way to have a real time sleeping/not sleeping sensor in HA?
Maybe to trigger some automations when waking up.

I’m using weight sensor placed underneath my bed. I far more simple and solid. If you’re interested, use hx711 keword for search.

Hi Richard, how are you?
What version of googlefit_api and what configuration did you use to get the heart rate data?
I have a Mi band 4 and I can’t get just the heart rate data, but all other data is collected normally.

See that https://community.home-assistant.io/t/google-fit-support/4556/179

Best, JR

Currently heartrate is not working since Google made some changes to the API

Has anyone been able to use any of the devices suggested? Would like to be able to use one of these devices for device tracker. Planning on buying the Amazfit Bip 2 that has gps for