Mi flora: battery drain... why don't retrive data like the app do?

I integrated 3 Mi Flora devices but even polling data every 2h cause a huge battery drain and in 1 month the battery goes from 100% to 20%. I updated to last version of the firmware.
Is this a normal behavior?
If it is so, is it possible to get data like the application do? The application gets all the data from the device starting from the last syncronization, so it is possible to get all the collected data by synchronizing once or twice a day. You don’t have instant value of data but you can preserve the battery.

On a side note: The existing ESPHome integration is passively listening to data from these devices and allegedly does not impact on battery life. I’ve just ordered some of these devices, so cannot tell from my own experience yet.

Read the whole topic. There are some good pointers later on.

This for example is actually false. Despite what the documentation says. I argued the same thing and was proven wrong.