Miband / Amazfit data direct from Notify app. No More Tasker! and google fit workarounds!

Yesterday in the Notify App on my android there was a message to update to get the band data into home assistant directly. I have an amazfit 5 and I use it solely with Notify. No zepp. All you need is your ip and a long lived access token.

after you click smart assistant button you get this

and then this:

then the sensors:


looks like this is only in version 15.2.2 but not available in the play store for the miband version

This help file in the app seems to indicate it should work for miband.
Oh I forgot to mention that I think I paid a few dollars for the pro version of the app. I’m sure it was under five though.

Seems to me that it is not in the latest version for mi band yet, I am on 15.0.6, and the feature is not there


Same heren, only Alexa :frowning:

Hello Home Automation Friends,

I wrote an email to the Developer. The new version of the app will have this Feature. We just have to be patient a little longer.

the new version is now live in the play store, I will admit the domain of miband is a bit odd lol but hey it works!

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Any idea why do I get only a few of the sensors?

sensors show up as and when they have data, they will also be removed upon an HA restart until the next time they get an update due to the API method currently being used

I set everything up but I don’t see any sensor in HA

It takes time for the sensor to show up, try to force a sync in the app

it’s been two days

are you sure you entered your correct external URL and full token?

I have added two device, one works perfectly (an amazfit bip) but wife’s miband cannot authenticate.
I do the exact same thing with my own app, setup the address of my HA, generate a long lived token, but still I get Auth error in the logs.

Anyone else having the same issue?

As a wild idea, I switched the wife’s account to be an ‘admin’ on HA, and now the authentication works.
Is it normal? Regular users cannot use access tokens?


Sensors are visible in HA in combination with the Amazfit GTR 4. Works great!

Hi, has anyone tried to configure a toggle switch? Doesn’t work for me. Maybe I’m wrong with the “data request”

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same here, it would be nice to have an example

For anyone else who needs help with the Data Request. You just need to create simple JSON for the entity. So for switching a light on/off using Domain/Service = light/toggle, just put this in the Data Request (replace light.lamp with your entity):


How often is the data updated? I am especially interested with hearth rate data flow to home assistant. Is it instant or with a couple of minutes delay ?