Miboxer controller requires to be turned on twice for it to actually turn on

Hi all! I have a strange issue with my MiBoxer LED strip controller. Whenever I want to turn it on with an automation using the Light: Turn on service I need to execute this automation twice for the MiBoxer to actually turn on. Has anyone else run into this problem or found a solution?

The MiBoxer controller I have is the RGB+CCT: Miboxer FUT039Z control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

Hi! I have similar problems with Miboxer FUT036Z. Mine started working better when I don’t use the transition time at all. Set it to 0 or disable and it should work better. It seems that the transition time is buggy in the Miboxer units.

Hi Ex-Marco.

For my Miboxer units, i am looking for that “Transition itme” config, but i can’t locate it, can you hellp me a little where this is?
I have problems with my lights to actually understand when i want it to turn on and off.

I have 3 of theese controllers for the kitchen/dining area, but they will not behave :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @Ex-Macro and @Quarda ! Thank you guys for the replies. I might actually have discovered something based on a piece of information I found a long time ago on google but when applied did not seem to fix my issue until recently:

The information stated that these Miboxer units have a do-not-disturb mode that requires the device to be triggered ON twice in a row for it to actually turn on when this mode is enabled. Now I was experimenting a bit with some other integrations that had loads of disabled entities, like sensors, that I needed to enable if I wanted to make use of them.

This made me realize that the Miboxer device in my Home Assistant also had some disabled entities which I promptly checked out to find that there is an actual switch entity for this do-not-disturb-mode. I enabled the entity and found that it was toggled ON. After toggling it off and fixing my automations to only run once again, instead of twice to force the Miboxer to switch on, it seems to have solved the issue.

Maybe that might actually solve your trouble as well. My exact controller type is the FUT039Z.

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Yes! I confirm that this is the solution for my two FUT036Z. Thank you very much!

Hi! Which exact Miboxer units do you have? They should all support transition time when set in HA. So when you’re doing automation, you can enable the transition time.