Microphone for HA

Since I started using HA about 5 years ago, I have always relied on the Echo devices for my TTS needs. Mostly because there wasn’t a speaker (at least one I knew about) that I could have in multiple rooms, that had ‘wake words’ instead of having to rely on a button.

Is there anything I can use now to replace having to rely on Amazon and the echo devices, that are always listening, use wake words, can be installed in multiple rooms, and don’t require a button push?

Do a search on the community site for year of the voice, check out the blog entry from earlier this month and get familiar with latest happenings around voice. After you’ve read that you’ll probably have a much better idea what you’re looking for.


I’ve considered going the same route but I relay very heavily on voice commands and TTS in my house and RV, eliminating the need to always have a screen. Now I never adopted Amazon as my speaker/voice once HomePod came out (I’m very Apple centric) and just had it lying around for adding things to my grocery list, always hating it because of Amazon’s horrid privacy policies and “always listening” mode, whereas Apple has a strict privacy policy - so it was the lesser of the two evils.

That being said, being so voice centric I’m not ready to quite go bleeding edge with HA doing it all. I still use my HomePods for a variety of things (and now they have grocery list capability so all my Echo devices were phased out this past weekend, YAY!) so since I’m going to have it around anyway I figure I’ll wait until the year of the voice matures a bit more. I will tinker with it though, because I’m a nerd and I find it fascinating to do so :slight_smile: .

But as @NathanCu said, read up on all the details about the year of the voice and see where it takes you!

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