Microphone icon in Assist missing

I no longer have a microphone icon in Assist on my Android mobile phone
and can not use voice commands any more,
It was there in the first releases of 2023-1 or 2.
Don’t know companion app version of that time.
Has it been intentionally removed, and did I miss that change?


Same here. Latest, on Pixel 6 Pro, chrome latest.

I think you need a Speech to text engine configured for the voice assistant in HA to show the microphone icon

I think it has something to do with HTTPS but I don’t think you can get this to work local system see:

Did you try my recommendation?

Maybe you can try to open a bug report. If it is a bug it will help others
Issues · home-assistant/android · GitHub

Follow @dshokouhi 's recommendation :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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we will still ask you to follow my recommendation :wink:

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Re-installed whisper and now the mic is there but I only can use the English language changing it to nl and creating new assist says “no language available”

i think thats a separate known issue try to check github for existing issues

Are you referring at: Voice Assistant : Only one language (e.g. English) is listed in the Configuration language drop-down · Issue #92655 · home-assistant/core · GitHub ?
But that is on iOS.

and what would your advice be? if a user has a need, don’t just say do this. it means that if he asks it’s because he has already tried many ways. therefore I believe that the answer must be clear and aimed at helping with the steps to follow. sorry but I often find conversations where in the end they don’t solve the problem

actually no a lot of users come to threads and dont read any of the responses and skip them over just to comment they have the same issue, without a mention of what was tried. Happens to me multiple times a day :wink:

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It’s possible that software updates or changes might have affected the microphone icon in Assist.

To get a clear answer, you might want to check the release notes or contact support for your Android mobile app to see if the removal was intentional.

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