Microsoft Teams - API key for NEW Teams

I’m using the Microsoft Teams Websockets integration, and the new version of Teams doesn’t seem to have a way to generate the API key needed.

Old version API key:
Teams API Key

New version, no API key:

I use this integration to mute my TV and radios when I get a call on Teams, and to change the color of an LED light bar with my status, and whether my microphone is muted.

According to Microsoft documents, it now only works with 3rd party devices, you need to pair with Teams by pressing a button on the device while in a meeting.

Is there a way to get the API key, or is there another integration that can be used as a trigger when I go on a call, and can get the status and microphone state?

You could try and use teams2ha. Works great with new teams.

I know this is not an sender to your question but maybe an alternative.

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Thanks. That looks like it might be a solution, they describe pairing with Microsoft under the new system.

I’ll try it tomorrow.

Just looked at it a bit more, and it’s an agent that runs on Windows, I’m working on mostly Mac computers, I rarely connect to calls in Teams on my PC.

I don’t think this is going to be the solution I need. Unless I can use it to generate an API key that i can access and then use for the integration I’m using now (from what I am reading, it stores the key encrypted, so I’m guessing it doesn’t show it in the app, so I’m guessing this won’t work for me.)

Don’t think so either. But didn’t know you were running on a Mac. Hopefully you can find a solution.

Yeah, me too.

I’ll see if I can load it on one of my PCs to see how it works.

It’s a shame as I have gotten so used to that websocket integration over the last few years. I’m really annoyed at Microsoft for removing this functionality.

I’ll keep looking for another solution.

Thanks again.

I have found a solution that does part of what I need, although nowhere near as well as what I was using.

The O365 Office integration will allow me to use my status to activate the mute/unmute scripts I am using, but it takes over 10 seconds to react when I start or end a call (as opposed to less than 2 seconds with the local websockets integration).

I also don’t have access to the status of my microphone (whether it is muted or not) with this integration either. So i will continue to hope for another solution.

Theres one possible benefit from the other integration, I haven’t tested this yet, but i believe it will activate when I connect to a call on any of my computers. The websockets required a separate key for each computer, and I could only get it to wokr on a Macintosh, not either of my PCs.