Microsoft TTS multilingual option

With the addition of the voice type “JennyMultilingualNeural” by Microsoft, I believe that now It could be possible to add the option to choose the language when calling the service.

platform: microsoft
api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
language: en-us
gender: Female
type: JennyMultilingualNeural

So when JennyMultilingualNeural is set in the configuration.yaml, we could be able to choose the “language skill” (screenshot attached) when calling the microsoft tts service.

The platform is actually missing two important parameters: the speaking style (I suppose it’s always defaulting to General - BTW, on the API this seems to be the “type” parameter) and the Language Skill.

For instance, there are some voices that are able to whisper (good for voice notifications triggered very late :slight_smile: ), but only if those parameters can be set.

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Yeah. It would be awesome to have those parameters available in home assistant. It would take this platform to another level.

There is a pending pull request that bumps up the version of the underlying library for the Microsoft TTS service. If that PR was approved, you could embed Microsoft’s SSML which would let you add in special XML that configures the speaking style and many other settings. But that PR has been stalled out for a long time.


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Just letting you know that these parameters can be done with the current implementation of the Microsoft TTS integration. See this post:

I was able to use all the emotions like friendly, excited, shouting, whispering etc.

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