Miele device buttons unavailable

as I am new here at HA please accept my apologies if I ask something already covered.
I am using the astrand solution to integrate Miele devices.
My washing machine is integrated in HA and I can see status as well as most button. Although the machine is on mobile start with selected program in the app and the start button in the app active both start and stop buttuns show up as unavailabe entities. In the dashboard they are greyed out.
the power button works well.
ny hints what I missed or did wrong?


Partial solution found: As soon as a start time is entered and activated the entity start button becomes active.Then the automation can start the washer.

Can you explain more? Where is the start time entered? At the dishwasher?

I do find the stop button becomes active when the dishwasher is running, and works.

I have exactly the same issue. The start button is not avalabe:

Miele 03

Miele 04

I had an email chat with the Miele development team and got the following flow chart. There is mentioned that the smart grid option must be enabled. But I can’t found a hint in the manual, where I have to enable the smart grid option :frowning:?

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Hi, @Trimmy
Did you ever solve this? I am stuck finding and enabelling Smart Grid. How did you do?

Hi @palengh

You will need to active Smart Grid function on the device itself, in its settings. Once you’ve done this you’ll have to schedule a Smart Grid start on your device. After you’ve done this both the start and stop button should become available in Home Assistant.

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