[email protected], [email protected] component


your latest error seems to be since your token is old… So I think you need to renew that. If I’m not mistaken I read somewhere the token only works for a month? Not sure though!


I have tried with new client_id and client_secret in my configuration.yaml. However, still same error message. Do I need to reconfigure Home Assistant to initialize the miele component again? How would I do this?


Now it works again! I used the new client_id and client_secret. I also deleted the file .miele-token-cache before restarting. This way I could authorize the miele component once more.


Making this an official component was the intend all along - but that still requires some work, especially around automated tests etc. Maybe I’ll find the time during the christmas break…


There is some code that attempts to renew the token and I am pretty sure I haven’t manually updated mine in quite a while. So generally speaking, things should work automatically. If that happens again to anybody, a quick look into the log file might reveal some more details.