Miflora integration stopped working after 2022.07.01

Hello All

After the 07 22 update the miflora intergration stopped working from me.
I use following sensor directly in my configuration yaml

- platform: miflora
    mac: "C4:7C:8D:6C:C7:7C"
    name: Bonsai
    force_update: true
    median: 3
      - moisture
      - light
      - temperature
      - conductivity
      - battery

and when I go to developer tools to check configuration , I am getting following error since latest update. had to comment it out for now.

Platform error sensor.miflora - Requirements for miflora not found: ['bluepy==1.3.0'].

Anybody else experience this ?

Yup, it was mentioned as one of the breaking changes because of Python 3.10.
So the integration has to be fixed, than it is usable once more.

I have read the release notes but somehow I have missed this. Thank you

Thank you for posting this, it’s been driving me crazy! I’ve got the same issue. Seems there’s not really a solution in sight then?

This might help?

This worked for me! They are back online now!

  • Step 0, I could skip because I have a raspberry pi

  • Step 1, took me a couple tries but it worked via HACS

  • Step 2, I could skip as they where already connected

  • Step 3, I did via the user interface. It brough be back and forth a couple times but in the end he pulled through. I’m not sure what I did.

For the parameters, this was the info: Configuration parameters - Passive BLE Monitor integration

But in the end I did not need ‘beacon UUID’ or ‘Encryption key’.


Are you getting battery status somehow?

Passive BLE cannot monitor battery values but the rest is no problem

Indeed! The battery is not available. But the connection to the devices is way better then before somehow. Before sometimes the whole sensor would be unavailable for a couple hours, not sure of the reason.

Yup, since Passive BLE listens for the broadcasts from the sensor. As a side benefit, this should save battery since the device is not polled actively.

Another solution is to build a small esp board running this

Thanks for the hint! I also had success with that. It’s a nice woraround until a solution is available.

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Thanks - this worked for me too! BUT… now my Bluetooth device tracker has stopped working (the built in integration) because this new custom integration has taken over access to the Bluetooth adapter.

Anyone else had this problem?

Does anyone know if there are plans to fix the underlying fault with the built in miflora integration?

I have never used the BT tracker, seems interesting though? What do you do with it? I can try to set it up and test it maybe

MiFlora is not broadcatsing battery level anymore, but it sends battery level in response when requested. Does anyone knows how to request battery level or any active MiFlora integration?

Hi all,

Just wanted to know if some of you experience the same?

At some point everything stopped working. No more connection to the sensors via the “Bluetooth Low Energy Monitor”. I could not figure out why.

Then we get the new update, giving BT integration a major update. So one by one the plant sensors started appearing as a new device “Flower Care”. I have 4 but that took several days before all arrived. Now all are in but some are not responding

Battery info support is currently being developed, there is already a WIP PR. So, most likely it will be added in the 2022.9 release

Do you run both ble monitor and the new integration? If so, try to turn on active scan in BLE monitor

That will work but drastically shorten the lifespan of the battery in the sensor.

The new HA BLE integrations are using active scanning right now. This may change in the future, as bleak has been adjusted to allow passive scanning a couple of days ago.

That would be great news and then I wouldn’t have to use HACS and Passive BLE monitor anymore

My Mi Flora devices are arriving very soon, what would be the best approach to integrate them into HA at the moment?