MiFlora plant sensors -> mqtt integration - how?

since years I use a ESP32 → mqtt device to read the MiFlora plant sensor data and provide them to ioBroker. Being new to HA (moved from io-broker) i do not understand on how to implement the sensors into HA.

mqtt explorer shows the sensor data arriving at mqtt:

added the mqtt sensors into the configuration (mqtt.yaml)

but entities stay empty …
read/yt many files but could not get the mistakte I make. thankfull for any hint to solve it.
Why i do not use the MiFlora integration: some sensors do not send data without froce them, battery level seems to go down rapidly … but this is my feeling.


this is on how i got the reading from mqtt to the entities:

i got the same config loaded and it’s working, only question i have is how to change icon collor when a state is below a certain value.