MiFlora Takes Long Time to Update

Hey curious if anyone had any insight on this issue. I’ve looked around at a lot of other posts and forums. It seems a year ago there was an issue with an update that broke bluetooth communication. According to this post, HA fixed the problem.

I can communicate with the MiFlora sensors, and I see data on my dashboard. The problem is that it takes an hour or more for it to update. Where as the app, Smart Life, updates instantly.

I’m using this dongle for my bluetooth communication. Is this maybe causing the issue? I’d really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction! I am new to HA so if you need more information please ask.

It’s a battery powered bluetooth device. There is transmission rate limiting in the device to save battery life.

Hourly updates seem about right.

I’ve seen people mention this before, but I have over a dozen and they all update quite frequently (I water them and usually by the time I’m done and pull out my phone, they’ve already updated). Only exceptions are a couple I have further from any BT Proxies and I assume it comes down to poor signal strength.

The rate limiting is smarter than just polling every hour. If it notices a significant change it will update too.

I question if its a polling issue. In the Smart Life app, it’ll update immediately. I thought this might be the app requesting, but I don’t think the MiFlora sensors allow for receiving, only transmitting. Also, to your point that if it notices a significant change it’ll update. Previously when I was doing testing I had the sensor in a glass of water. When I took it out the app updated but HA took close to an hour.

I’m not going to disregard that its own internal polling is the issue, but through testing that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you have suggestions to the contrary, please let me know!

I’m not sure if this is the problem either. I’m using a HA Green, using the TPLink bluetooth adapter, and had it right next to me during testing. I would put the sensor in a glass of water and back out again. The app immediately updated but HA took an hour plus both in and out of the glass.