Migrate Back to Sonoff from SkyConnect?

Can I simply migrate back to my Sonoff dongle from SkyConnect, in the same way I migrated to the SkyConnect?

I’m experiencing too many issues with the SkyConnect since I installed it a few days ago. Things like all my Aqara sensors unavailable and unable to re-pair but I had no problem with these with the Sonoff.

Bump this one - Anyone able to advise if it is possible to just simply migrate back to the Sonoff?

For info, I bit the bullet and decided to go for it and tried to migrate back to my Sonoff co-ordinator…and it worked.
And, all devices are now available again.

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Thanks was looking to know this too. I have started with the skyconnect but want to move to Sonoff. Did you follow the tutorial here: FAQ | Zigbee2MQTT ?

After my last post I subsequently migrated yet again but back to the SkyConnect and all has been working well since.

From memory I think I did use that guide for the Sonoff but I can’t be certain.

So funny I did a manual repairing of everything to be on the safe side when transferring to sonoff. I am still getting the same Hue Bloom devices dropping off, arguably everything else is more stable but the LQI figures have dropped massively from the skyconnect so considering swapping back too!

Out of interest, what’s your setup now and is it stable? ZHA / Z2M, Channel and do you have additional USB coordinators with your Skyconnect. I am considering switching from Z2M to ZHA on the skyconnect and running the Sonoff as a router for it.

Which Sonoff - ZBDongle-P or ZBDongle-E?

You can’t really compare LQI numbers between the TI and SI Labs chips, they use different calculations.

I would expect the E numbers to be similar to SkyConnect.

The P numbers will always be lower, but trying to compare different chipsets is meaningless.

Ah that’s good to know… to be honest sonoff P seems to have stabilised there is 1 device I just cant get to work a philips Hue Bloom. Other than that at least for the last 12 hours its been OK. My LQI is from 30-111 which just seems low. I am getting the odd ‘Failed to ping’ error but they seem to sort themselves out shortly after. Hoping another Sonoff as a dedicated router will help!