Migrate Domoticz energy data to Home Assistant - longterm energy

The release of home assistant 2021.9.0 has a wonderfull energy dashboard and long term data statistics so you can compare different months or years.

Now I running Domoticz and I have a lot of energy and gas usage data in this database. It would be great to migrate all these data to Home Assistant.

Has anyone experience with energy data migration from Domoticz to the latest 2021.9.0 Home Assistent?

I have the same question. Would like to migrate over 3 years of data.

Hmm no body went from Domoticz to HA for energy history?

yes, I would be very interested in tthis too…

Strange…I would also like to hear/read how to do this. If I can’t migrate the longterm-data I think i must stay on domoticz. There must be a way to do so. Is there anyone who can explain the data within HA?

Hello, is there in the meanwhile a method to export/import data?

I want to move 3+ years of energy data from domoticz…

Has there been made any progress in this area? I have the same – used Domoticz for years and have 5 years of energy data.

If no one made any attempt I will try to look into it.

Take a look at Import Domoticz history - #22 by boudeweyn.