Migrate EcoWitt

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Custom EcoWitt integration for a long time and have a bunch of sensors I use for it.
It was pointed out to me it was folded into HA back in the September update.

How do I go about migrating? I’m obviously going to have to remove the custom component version before the HA version will show (as both don’t show in the integration list), but is there a way to maintain the sensors etc.?
Or am I just going to have to write them down and put them back in again?


There is no automated migration. You would need to manually rename all the entities to retain historic data. That is what I had done.

Please also note that some of the units (e.g. for the rain sensors) have been streamlined in a recent release, so that also needs a bit of manual intervention.


When you removed the custom integration did all the old sensors etc. remain?

Sorry, I’m not sure anymore, but as far as I remember the old entities remained in an unavailable state, so I had to carefully juggle renaming the entities and remove the old ones, to retain the history.

Thank you.