Migrate from FreeNAS to RPi4

Hi All

I am currently running my Home Assistant as a jail on a FreeNAS box. For various reasons (maintenance of HA during power outages being the major one), I’d like to migrate my installation to a Raspberry Pi 4.

I have installed the Home Assistant onto the RPi4, and then was hoping I could just install the Samba Add On and copy my Home Assistant config directory from the FreeNAS server to the RPi. This worked, mostly, but some things were missing like my definitions of People (for me and my wife). Is there a better way to do this migration? I don’t think the FreeNAS version has the option to create snapshots, which seems to be the way to migrate between RPis.

Many thanks


Copy everything in the /config folder. Especially the hidden .stroage files.

Thank you, Tom. That worked perfectly. I had not copied the .storage folder.

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