Migrate from HomeSeer with ~130 z-wave devices

Hi folks - brand new to HA. I have been running Homeseer HS3 for about 7 years, with a z-wave smartstick that’s several years old as well as two HomeSeer z-net devices. I have about 130 z-wave devices.

  1. Is there an easy way to migrate from Homeseer to HA, or should I bite the bullet to exclude/include every device?
    1b) If there is an easy way to migrate and uses the existing controllers, cool! Once that’s done, is there a way to easily upgrade to a newer controller (e.g. a series 800 smartstick instead of the older one I have).
  2. Is it possible to use the Z-net z wave controllers with HA? How?

Links welcome! Thanks.

Yes. List all the node numbers and names from HomeSeer. Check the Z-wave JS DB to see if any of your existing devices won’t be understood by Z-Wave JS. The likelyhood is you’ll be fine. I had the HomeSeer Z-Wave Irrigation Controller that couldn’t be controlled, but it’s a rare case. Get the Z-wave Security keys from HomeSeer and translate the format to Z-wave JS. Plug in the controller to Home Assistant, go through setup, and your existing network will be imported as-is. The first-time initializing will take some time as everything is queried and enumerated, but it will work fine. In fact, you can move the controller back and forth between systems without issue, just shut down the Z-wave interface software of the system you aren’t using at the moment.

Use the Z-Wave JS UI Add-on and not the native Z-Wave-JS.

In Z-wave JS UI settings where it asks for the serial port of the controller simply enter tcp://x.x.x.x:port you have for the Z-Net. I use 2 Z-Nets with my Home Assistant(s) and have never had a problem.

I’m not sure there is an “easy” migration path for any controller, but I’m still on the Z-Net 500 series.

Check the forum for details on any of these steps there are lots of discussions and step-by-step success stories.

Read the Z-Wave-JS UI documentation for starters.

Another leaning away from Homeseer. How did you set up your multiple Z-Net controllers? I was under the impression that Z-Wave-JS UI couldn’t support multiple networks.

You can have multiple networks you just need a separate installation of Z-Wave JS UI for each network. You can then connect each network to home assistant.

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There are multiple posts on this forum as well as the HomeSeer forum on how to run Z-Wave-JS UI on the Z-Net RPi directly. Yes, one instance of Z-Wave-JS UI supports a single controller, but since each Z-Net is a RPi, that’s not difficult to work around.

@mterry63 thanks so much for the detailed response. Maybe I’m being dense or just bad at research, but I read the zwave JS UI docs and I’ve done several searches and haven’t found clear instructions. I want to do exactly what you’re saying and I could use a few links to the how. Specifically:

  1. “Check your zwave JS DB to see if your existing devices won’t be understood” - I agree I’ll probably be fine, but any suggestions how? I can certainly look at the ZWave config in HS…just not sure what to match against a supported devices list.

  2. “Get the security keys from HS and translate”…pointer? I found a Jul '23 post from you where you also referenced searching the forums, so I feel bad asking…but maybe I’m just seeing it and thinking it’s something else.

  3. For the Z-wave JS UI Addon - roger, one thing I’m not clear on is if/when I’m supposed to ALSO add the integration for ZWave into HA. Maybe I’m being dense but I didn’t see that in the ZWave JS UI docs.

  4. Znet - got it; will same migration steps work for those too?

Z-Wave JS Config DB Browser (zwave-js.io) If you wish to find out if your device is supported, please search for it here.
You can search using the brand name, product label/type/ID or the manufacturer ID
(IDs need to be formatted as hexadecimal).

The S0 key is in z-wave.ini of HomeSeer. I would ask on that forum if you can’t move on from here. How To Determine Which Device is using S2 Security - HomeSeer Message Board

You need a copy of an Add-on and a copy of the Z-wave-JS Integration for every Z-wave controller you might have. See Cornell’s screenshot above.

Z-Net is just a networked Z-wave controller. Same instructions apply to all Z-wave controllers.