Migrate from hyper-v

I’m currently running the HA OS Hyper-v version and generally been happy with this.

What started out as a test just to see how things worked has become a bit more “production” at least to the point I’d rather not start over.

However, I just recently decided it’d be nice to be able to integrate some Inovelli switches which means a Z-wave dongle.

Obviously, this is an issue for a Hyper-V deployment. Which, yes, there are ways to work around the problem, but, I’m trying to keep my deployment less complicated if I can.

So, I’m looking at migrating my HA system to another machine - either something linux based, or, I’m even considering an Odroid/HA Blue type device.

My main question here is what’s the steps to move my configuration from the hyper-v VM to some other device or machine?
Can I simply do a backup/restore or do i just need to copy certain folders/files to the new system?
And, would the steps be different if using the HA Blue?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you.

stupid question: what IS the issue with usb and hyper-v?
Can’t imagine that usb passhtourgh on virtual box would work better then hyper-v.

nvm, did some googling.
I’m running virtual box on windows with z-wave dongle and was looking to move to hyper-v.
No knowing this know, i would look into running docker for the zwaveJS image on host machine

For your migration, configuration is easiest with backup and restore. If you dont mind history of events/states, then thats all you need afaik. If you do care on histroy, you’ll need t export and import DB too.

yup, microsoft has clearly made a decision on this usb passthrough thing.

i can see their point - as it certainly reduces the attack surface/risk to not have this feature.

ah, good point, yes, fortunately, for my case i don’t need to be worried about history.

after some more research i found this post:

even though originally my thought process was to keep everything contained on one machine, i may rethink that…