Migrate from pi to proxmox

i currently have Home Assistant OS on a pi4 with a usb sonoff zigbee controller.

i am now wanting to migrate to running HAOS on proxmox, i have it installed (using the tteck script).

is it just a case of creating a full HA backup on the pi, restoring that on proxmox VM, and making sure USB passthru is configured on the VM so the sonoff controller is useable?

Yes, indeed

ok well it seems to have worked, and i have control of my zigbee devices, however zigbee2mqtt add-on keeps reporting that is hasn’t started, which is strange as i use zigbee2mqtt to control my zigbee devices.

do i maybe have to manually change any config files?

Screenshot 2024-05-20 104040

scratch that, a subsequent reboot and the add-ons started working again

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