Migrate from RPi 1.gen to RPi 3B+


Hello, I am currently using the first-generation RPi for HASS and I want to switch to RPi 3B because it’s slow, it is constantly jamming and destroying my SD card. How can I migrate the entire system to a newer HW without losing all settings, automation, scripts, and integration? There is really power and it will not just be enough to copy YAML files.
I am a Windows user and I run it through my browser.

Thank you


Migrating Home Assistant should really be as simple as copying your .homeassistant directory to the new installation.


If you are migrating to a RPi3B+ i would highly suggest using an external harddrive… i have had major issues with the recorder writing too much too fast and crashing my HA. I decided to use and external enclosure and a 256gb SSD with my RPi3B+. Best decision I’ve made so far. Next upgrade for me will be a NUC.


How can i get .homeassistant? Over FTP i can copy only config and backup folders.


What platform/OS are you running HA on?


Hassio on Raspberry Pi 1st gen