Migrate from RPI3 to NUC

Hi, I now need a bigger machine.

I currently have a RPI3 and I want to buy a Intel NUC.
Wich one should I buy ? There’s so many model of it !!!

And, with Hassio install on both machine, will I be able to fully “backup and restore” from a RPI to a NUC ?

Thank you

I can’t tell you which model to buy but I have a pretty basic one with 4g ram and a 128g drive. Any way you look at it it’s got more performance than a RPi.

I just did the switch from a RPi3 running Hassbian to a NUC with HA (not Hassio) running in a venv.

A lot of people here have i3 and i5 NUCs, but I think they are overkill for a headless box that runs home automation software (unless you want to run Plex Media Server or something that needs some horsepower).

I personally have the 6th gen Celeron NUC with 8GB RAM and 128 GB SSD (LINK).

I have about 30 Docker containers running with RAM usage around 40-45% and system load averaging around 0.5 (its a quad core machine so the scale is 0-4.0).

Its a world of difference coming from an RPi3.

I have one of these on the way this week and am trying to decide how to migrate as well. I got this one

That model is way overkill but I plan to virtualize several servers with Proxmox and run Plex etc. That specific model is one of the few that can be upgraded to 32gb of RAM.

I prefer Hassio as well, but I use the HZUSB zwave/zigbee stick and if you go look over on github it seems a lot of people are having issues with the NUC and Hassio with that specific stick. There is no plan to fix it since they are reworking that part of Hassio.

So I am thinking I will run it in a VM on top of a standard Debian install

Has anyone done this? Doesn’t seem like a common method.

I bought a “Intel nuc DN2820FYKH” from ebay for £70 and it runs all my HA stuff via docker. MQTT, mysql, etc etc and it is so quick… it has 4GB ram and a 64gb SSD

Pointless going for more, oh and I run Cumulus (weather station) and flight radar, on the same NUC.