Migrate from Vera to Homeassistant

Will i need to re-pair all my devices if i wanted to move away from vera?

or should i be able to add homeassistant to the network then remove the vera device?

You’ll need to re-pair, because they’re paired with the Z-Wave controller in the Vera.

However, see the Vera component. You can use this to allow HA to interact with Vera, controlling all the devices paired with Vera. That way you can move your devices over one at a time, without breaking everything.

I have the Vera pared to HA I was hoping to speed up the process as there’s a good 20 seccond delay between button pressed on the UI and the light coming on

Do you get the same issues in the vera UI?
I don’t have noticeable delays integrating with vera either through the HA connection, or going direct via a REST call.

there about 5 secconds once the page has loaded but it takes a wine for the vera page to initially load

Doesn’t sound right… you could always try a call from a URL in the browser to see if this takes a while - it should be almost instant, i.e.


Changing the to your IP address and the to that of a device you want to switch on in vera.

It should come back and be actioned instantly.

Assume you don’t have an extreme number of devices in vera?