Migrate from xiaomi hubs to husbzb-1

So I have multiple xiaomi sensors and two hubs which mostly work.

every so often one or both of the hubs looses connection to HA - in the Xiaomi app, both complain of high packet loss (> 25%) - however I have no issues on 2.4Ghz WiFi elsewhere (there are a lot of other devices on it though). After the loss, HA marks all the sensors off the hub as unavailable, until I power cycle the hub and (usually) restart HA. Not high on the WAF or reliability stakes…

I have access to a husbzb-1 usb stick

A) any idea if it is likely to be more stable - I’m assuming the packet loss is due to zigbee clashing with the 2.4ghz wifi on the actual xiaomi hubs
B) any thoughts on the migration? What doesn’t work? What is different?

My hass install is venv on an intel NUC running ubuntu.
Xiaomi sensors include - motion, leak, temp, temp&pressure, leak, door/window, vibration.

bumping my post once - anyone done this migration and regretted it?