Migrate from ZHA to Zigbee2MQTT using Sonoff Zigbee dongle E?

I experience some instability with one of my thermostats (Namron) using ZHA. I might want to try Zigbee2MQTT and see if the stability increases.

My question is if there is some logic or other data stored in the Zigbee dongle (using Sonoff Zigbee USB Dongle E) which might get in conflict after moving to Z2M? I can easily pair the devices again as I only have approx 10 devices in my Zigbee network.

If I need to reset the Zigbee dongle I’d like to know this i advance before moving over to Z2M. Any advice is highly appreciated.

No need to “reset the dongle” or flash the firmware. You will however (most likely) need to reset all your Zigbee devices to pair them again with Z2M.

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You can also buy a second USB radio and then run both Z2M and ZHA at the same time. That allows you to move things over one at a time.


+1 for the second adapter. You can then migrate at your leisure vs trying to do it all at once.

For Z2M the TI based ZBDongle-P would be the better adapter. SILabs EZSP (“E”) support is pretty solid, but TI is better for z2m.

I’ve run both the “P” and “E” under ZHA and Z2M. Anecdotally, for me the “P” is the better performer under both, but zigbee is fickle, so it may not be for you depending on the phase of the moon and device mix.


Thanks, will there be interference between the two adaptors, and recommended to use different channels?

Please see this previous discussion thread on the same topic:


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If have only around 10 devices then do would not think I bother unless it was just for the challenge of it.

Read + follow → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

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Hello, I had two Sonoff dongle E which were working as routers in ZHA. After moving my network to Z2M, I am unable to pair it with Z2M. I have tried re-flashing the router firmware. Still Z2M is unable to add it as a router. Have you guys come across this?

@Teknor There won’t be any more interference between two adapters than there would be between the devices on the network anyway. (There’s no central coordination of when things broadcast, so the protocol has to deal with devices that broadcast at the same time.) You could switch the new adapter to another channel if you want, though.

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