Migrate in ZHA from Conbee II USB dongle to SLZB-06N (ethernet) not working?

I am trying to migrate in ZHA from Conbee II USB dongle to SLZB-06N (ethernet).
I follow the steps from the migrate command but after I finish my zigbee devices don’t seem to be reachable anymore.

Did anyone try this?
Some additional questions:

  1. How big does the backup file needs to be: Mine is only 47 lines which seems to be quite small?
    Starting with:
    “version”: 1,
    “backup_time”: “2024-01-11T10:46:38.050429+00:00”,
    “network_info”: {
    and ending with
    “logical_type”: “coordinator”,
    “model”: “Conbee II”,
    “manufacturer”: “dresden elektronik”,
    “version”: “0x26780700”

  2. there is a note that Conbee II firmware needs to be 26720700 or higher. Since I’m at 0x26780700 I should be fine, no? (latest conbee II firmware I could find).

Any luck?
I need to do the same

U did a successfull migration by:

  • Taking a manual backup of the zha config first
  • Then I used this manual backup when asked which backup to use during the migration steps
  • After the migration, make sure to remove power from ALL zha routers you have in your zigbee network for about 10-20 seconds. (by unplugging them or turning off the surge protector).

After that, things worked for me.

Hi Diether,

Unfortunately i lost al the device names when i restored the backup.
Did you find a solution for that?


Not sure what you mean here:
I did the following

ZHA → Configure → download backup (in network settings)
Then I did the ‘migrate radio’ & as part of these steps I restored the manual zha network settings backup when asked to do so.
As a last step I removed power (by switching the circuit breaker) for all powered zigbee routers in my network for about 10 seconds.