Migrate off Hue Hub to ZHA, but using Hue Button

Hi there,

I want to migrate off my Hue Hub, allowing me to consolidate the number of zigbee networks I have here. It will also allow my non-Hue devices to contribute to that network mesh.

The one thing holding me back is the Hue Button experience. I have a mix of Hue Smart Buttons, along with a few Dimmer Switches (new and old). All of these are installed next to each bed in the house. The family is well used to pressing the button, allowing them to cycle through warm white to cold white, to nightlight. I want to keep this experience as I migrate over to a new Zigbee controller

  1. Am I right in saying I simply reset the bulb and switch, then re-register them against the new Zigbee controller? I should then rename entities to their old names to keep automations running.

  2. I don’t see much support for the Hue Button specifically. What did you do? Almost all of my automations are in NodeRed, so if people have advice for that then I’m keen to hear them. If you have used Blueprints, then thats cool too.

Thanks in advance!