Migrate P1 data


I just started using HA. Did already some investigation about several add-ons. I’m currently using Domoticz for P1 data and Z-Wave and want to use 1 system for everything. HA is my preferred solution as the community is bigger and the product has more possibilities (in future).

I want to connect my P1 to HA on Pi3 but want to preserve my data. Is there a way to connect my P1 cable to HA and migrate all historical data?

Already checked REST Api to Post all information and have SQL Lite (explorer) running to browse the HA db. I’m not completely familiar with REST but just want to know if there are possibilities so I can further investigate.

Many thanks

Why do you want to do it via a REST api? Both Domoticz (/home/pi/domoticz.db) as well as HA use an SQL Lite database format. HA (/usr/share/hassio/homeassistant/home-assistant_v2.db).

If you know something about databases you can try to find out in which table and in which format the historical data is stored. Once you know that you can write an SQL script in SQL Lite explorer (I use DB Browser for SQLite under Linux https://sqlitebrowser.org ) and extract the data from one database to the other one.
I haven’t done it but see no reason why this isn’t possible.

Well, the problem is that I dont see how the data is stored in the database. I checked for example a power meter on Z-Wave and see only records being stored in the ‘States’ table. I dont see any other table for history like in Domoticz.

REST api is not the way I want to do it, but just checking the possibilities. Importing in the database directly is a fine solution if I know how data is being stored.