Migrate to 64 bit

If I migrate from 32 to 64 bit, is there stuff which is not supported?
What I treid several times,
was, creating a backup.
then install 64 bit.
restore the backup.
-either full backup or folders or only “Home Assistant configuration”
but the result always is the same.

HA starts,
I get those messages
“Home Assistant is starting, not everything may be available yet”
and after a few minutes when the you would expect to have everything available. HA totally stops responding.

So i was wondering, if I might need to remove something from config which make 64 bit crash.

I tested and can successfully restore the backup on 32bit.

AFAIK, only gpio is not supported.

that was the case last year, I am still under the impression it’s supported now.
also now 64bit is the commanded installation

I also would like to know if you would experience any noticable advantage after migrating to 64-bits. I am on a RPI 3+ myself. And I wonder if I should migrate now that 64-bits is recommended in favor of 32-bits.

Is there any native way to do this? I believe I’m running 32 bit on the RPI4 (as I have had this machine running since before the 64 bit version of hassos). I’d like to upgrade to the new Unifi addon but need to move over to 64bit.

Create a backup in Supervisor, move it of your machine, install 64-bit, restore your backup.