Migrate to new Hardware (HA Yellow) & switch of Z-Wave and Zigbee Sticks

Hey guys,

I need your help (once again). I have a HA installtion on HA OS on an old Pi 3B with an Aotec Z-wave Stick 5 (not plus) and a Conbee II Zigbee Stick. Unfortunately my HA died recently and I reinstalled it. However it seems my Aotec Z-Wave stick is broken.

I just ordered a Home Assistant Yellow - cause I think a Hardware upgrade will be great (Pi3B was quite slow).
I have done multiple backup of my old environment and performed multiple restores on my system (as my SD card was not that stable).

Now I wonder how to approach the restore on my new Hardware as the Zigbee stick as the Z-Wave Stick will change. HA Yellow has a Zigbee controller on board and my Z-Wave is broken so I need to buy a replacement.

As far as I understand the zigbee and z-wave controllers any device that has been connected is known to the “old” device and as I now have new controllers I need to pair all my components (zigbee and zwave) to the new controllers. And this is quite painful.

I have the following questions:

  1. Is my assumption right - I need to pair all (zigbee and zwave) devices again to the new controller?
  2. If I need to re-pair all devices, do I need first to unpair it from old zigbee and zwave controllers?
  3. Does it even make sense to use the restore - as all my automations use “known devices” and as I need to re-pair them all of these automations will not work anymore?
  4. Is there a smooth way how to peform the HW migration?

Thanks a lot!

  1. if you are replacing your coordinator yes you will need to re-pair your device

  2. ZWave needs to be excluded defore joining another network. ZWave plus devices automatically exclude themselves on factory reset. But that’s only plus and newer. For older ZWave devices (and therefore I do it as a matter of course…) must be excluded using a ZWave coordinator (any coordinator can perform the exclude - it does not have to be the original)

  3. yes. And if you addressed everything by entity_id then just. Make sure all the entities are the same name and off to the races. (don’t use devices in your automations for this reason. If you did use the opportunity to rebuild using entity_id)

  4. backup is hardware agnostic. Backup. Swap. Restore.

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