Migrate to new MQTT broker instance


I’m using MQTT to collect data from a couple of devices (e.g. Tasmoata). I have to install a new MQTT broker on a different machine and I would like to migrate to the new broker including all the history data.
Can I just change the IP address in my “MQTT integration” in Homeassistant or will this also create totally new entities without the history? I also don’t fully understand if the auto discovery feature will detect the old devices as new devices because of the switch of the MQTT broker?

My plan to switch to the new broker would be:

  • install the new broker instance
  • switch all devices to the new broker
  • switch homeassistant to the new broker

Thanks in advance.

I have done some online reading, but I am still not sure what MQTT does and whether I need it.
I have some 100 devices, mostly Zwave but also one Zigbee and several Wifi (Kasa, Lifx). What would MQTT add to my setup ?

MQTT is a widely used protocol to transfer data from devices.
If you need it or not depends on your devices. Some are only providing the data through MQTT. Others support other protocols.

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Same here, want to move to a new broker on an LXC with new IP.
Have you managed to move?