MIgrate to new Zwave 700 controller

HI All,

I’m running a UZB 500 series controller with HA, all fine, but I want to migrate to a 700 series controller.
Now, I do know that I can do it simple via zwave.me (backup and restore on the new 700 Razberry controller) but, is it also possible to do something like this to a , for example, Aeontech 700 series controller?
Excluding and including the zwave nodes as migration (so manual) is not an option, I have 120 of them.

Looking to upgrade my zwave controller as well to an 800 series. Can’t seem to find instructions on how to do this other than remove all z-wave devices and re-add to new controller. Moving from one zigbee to another was super simple (backup and restore). I can find no similar option for z-wave.

Right now the ability to export the NVM from a 500 or 700 series controller and import into an 800 series does not exist. Myself, I’d just wait. Once the import/export works then it’s easy AND if the 800 stick isn’t working well you can always revert to the old stick. I never want to perform a one directional upgrade from a stable system to something that may or may not be as stable (or even function)