Migrate Tuya from social media login

I am trying to do a home assistant integration and per the documentation Tuya - Home Assistant

1106: permission deny

  • Incorrect username or password: Enter the correct account and password of the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app in the Account and Password fields (social login, which the Tuya Smart app allows, may not work, and thus should be avoided for use with the Home Assistant integration). Note that the app account depends on which app (Tuya Smart or Smart Life) you used to link devices on the Tuya IoT Platform.

I interpret this to mean that my Tuya account was likely created using a social media authentication token not with a standard username and password created and stored on the Tuya Servers… how to I change my tuna account to be “non-social” so I can get passed this error?

Many people face this issue. I suggest you check out other forums and social media where this problem has been discussed already.

I understand the frustration with migrating to a non-social account on Tuya. I’ve had similar issues with other apps before. Have you tried reaching out to their customer support for help? I’ve also found helpful answers on forums and TikTok, where tech-savvy individuals share their experiences and solutions. Speaking of TikTok, have you checked out the content related to tech and home automation? It’s a great source of inspiration and knowledge. And if you’re looking to boost your presence on the app, consider getting some TikTok Kommentare kaufen to increase your engagement and reach.