Migrate z-wave from OpenHAB to HA

I’m a long-time user of OpenHAB with a rather complex setup with many components in Z-Wave, Hue, Tradfri, MQTT etc. with 40+ devices in total. While it is working ok most of the time, I have started to be annoyed with the slow development compared to that of HomeAssistant and I’m trying to make a shift. I have set up a parallel system for HA which now is working fine for everything except for Z-wave where the integration into HA drives me quite mad. I run an Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 which works great in OpenHAB. However, when I connect it to HA I see 2 out of 15+ devices and even those two do not work fully (showing a switch instead of dimmer functionality).

At startup I get the message for each node:

Z-Wave node 7 not ready after 30 seconds, continuing anyway

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I thought that it may be the network security key that is not the same between the two setups (as both are auto-generated) However, I do not know how to convert the OpenHAB security key to the base 16 required in HA. My OpenHAB key starts with

A7 C6 E7 AA 0A A3 ....

and this is not a supported format in HA.

As you may understand, I cannot perform a Hard reset and re-join all devices to the Z-wave network as I need them to work un OpenHAB until everything is all set up in HA.

Thank you all in advance.

All the best

Tomas in Sweden

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HA would expect the network key to be in the format:

"0xA7, 0xC6, 0xE7, 0xAA,..."

That’s the same key, but with 0x before each value, and commas between them.

When you move the stick, it may take a while for all devices to be found. You can speed that up by operating any sensors, switches, etc, and by running a Heal network after the network is ready.

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