Migrate ZHA from Core to OS


I have used Home Assistant as a docker on my Unraid server for a while bit decided to the home automation away from that server.
I decided to buy the Home Assistant Blue (yes, it is beautiful!) and support the project.

I have not used Home Assistant OS before so Supervisor etc is new to me and since the old config is super messy i decided to start from scratch.

I have moved pretty much everything over to the new installation. But there is one thing left. My about 70 Zigbee devices. I would rather not pair all of them again.
I use a Conbee II stick.

tl dr; How can i migrate ZHA including the devices from core to OS?

I don’t have the answer but I have a similar question , I want to migrate my zha config from one docker install to another so I imagine the steps (if possible) would be similar.

I know that within .storage there is a zha.storage file that hold all the devices but I’m guessing just moving this to the new install won’t work and a connection needs to be made between the two.

Any help grateful.

The following guide explains how this can be done …

The aim of this method is to migrate the coordinator but the process would be similar for migrating from Docker to Supervisor.

Normal backup of whole Home Assistant and restore of it should include the ZHA config and its zigbee.db database file.