Migrating from docker with Supervisor to supported docker

Dear all,

I newbie here with some questions. A couple of month ago I installed HA with Supervisor in a docker in my NAS Synology. I tried this option because I never worked with docker and I thought it was the easiest way to get addons and a complete snapshot of the system. I installed MariaDb and Influxdb because I’m monitoring my solar system and I’m interested in long term statistics. Later on I realized that this is not an officially supported installation and I want a stable system to run in a long term. I want to install a docker supported version in my Synology to avoid future issues. Now my questions (I was checking Migrating MariaDB from HassOS to Synology NAS ? Steps? - #11 by browetd, but didn’t clarify the issue):

  • I suppose that copying the configuration folder with subfolders in the new installation I will not lose my data but, as I have already MariaDb and InfluxDb configured and working, and assuming that I will install docker in the same NAS with the same IP, will HA work directly with such databases by default? In fact, Supervisor installed them as docker.

  • If not, is there an easy way to install MariaDb and InfluxDb in separate dockers and import the data already in the dockers installed by Supervisor?

  • In case I can keep the working databases, how should I update them if the new system will not have Supervisor?

  • And finally, is there docker version to install the snapshot system as implemented by Supervisor?

I have the option to install the HA in a VM, but my NAS doesn’t have enough memory and I’m checking the options to update it, but it will take several weeks / months, and I would like to have an stable system as soon as possible to avoid data loss.

Thank you very much in advance,