Migrating from Domoticz to Home Assistant (which version / will it support my needs?)

Hi! I’m new to Home Assistant and I’d like to use it for the home automation system I have running over at my parents’ place.

Hardware: Single Raspberry Pi 3, generic GPIO-attached 433 MHz transmitter to control no-name 433 MHz light switches (I have some custom code to switch these on and off), USB-attached generic sound card.
Goal: Run Home Assistant on a single Pi (3) to control light switches using a generic 433 transmitter (and custom C++ code), and control (pause/play/select stream) audio playing on the same device (MPD/Mopidy/MPlayer/Volumio) through a USB sound card. Is this possible? Which version of Home Assistant (full, Core, etc.) should I use? [NB: I’m not a fan of Docker]

7 years ago, I installed Domoticz onto a Raspberry Pi at my parents’, so they could control their light switches (using a cheap generic GPIO-attached 433 MHz transmitter) and with which they could open internet radio streams - played using a generic USB sound card. It worked fine, but each time I visited them, I updated it (adding new features or running a security update), and each time I did, something would stop working for some odd (typically undocumented) reason. Being fed up with spending my holidays debugging, I’d like to switch over to something that will not break on every update, but will just support playing (and controlling) radio streams and sending 433 MHz signals (natively or using my own little script) to toggle light switches on and off. By controlling radio streams - I mean being able to select preset radio m3u or mp3 streams, although it would be nice if they could also add their own, either via a TuneIn-like interface or by pasting a string containing a link to some sort of online text field.