Migrating from Domoticz to Homeassistant


i have been running Domoticz for about 10 years now, im pretty pleased with it but now im thinking of moving everything to homeassistant instead.

as for now i have about 120 zwave nodes on a aeotech gen5 stick, and about 40 nodes on a zigate usb stick, and a Rfxtrx433mhz receiver with about a 50 devices on,
I have made alot of automation in domoticz, alot of scenarios and blocky configuration, ive spent alost 10 years of creating it.
What should i start with?
i have installed homeassistant on another Rpi, i have another rpi with domoticz , it seems overvelming right now.
can i use the paired nodes on the z-wave and zigate stick directly in homeassistant?
is blocky avalible in homeassistant?

I have never seen Domoticz but was in a nearly identical situation with a couple hundred devices configured in Smartthings with lots of automations. At first I integrated ST into HA so that I would have more time to migrate but within a week or so I opted to tear everything down and rebuild it in HA. I never liked the blueprints or automations in HA even though I am sure they are awesome for lots of uses. I do everything in Node Red and love it! It is super powerful and flexible visual programming language so I strongly recommend that you check it out!

I initially planned on moving devices to new sticks gradually while rebuilding the automations but soon found that there are too many devices involved in the automations making it harder to move stuff over in phases. Also building a proper mesh network requires doing so in the correct order and with a good distribution of devices which is not compatible with moving over stuff based on automations you are re-implementing. I would recommend taking this occasion to move to more recent zwave / zigbee chipsets while you are at it… for zwave gen7 (700 series zwave chip) and for zigbee one of those that can be upgraded to also run Thread (Matter).

It likely is a big task as it was for me but I do not regret jumping ship at all and 1.5 yrs in I can say my house is way smarter and capable than it ever got in 8 or so years with ST.

Just my 2 cents on how I ended up doing it… Good Luck!

Edit: You may need to plan on what to do with your 50 433MHz devices… no idea if those will ever work in HA but of all platforms your chances are highest with HA.