Migrating from existing HA instance to new

Not sure if this is possible, but I have a number of integrations i.e. Phillips Hue, Lutron Caseta and a number of others.

I am looking to migrate my existing installation from an unsupported Ubuntu deployment to docker and wanted to be able to do some testing prior to committing to the migration. Is it possible to have the Hue and Caseta Bridges registered to two HA instances? I understand having both instances active would pose conflicts but would isolate to one instance during testing.

You really have to try. Some integrations work connected to more than 1 HA instance, some don’t. I suspect as long there is no hardware directly connected to HA, it should work. But I have neither Philips Hue or Lutron Caseta.

I recently migrated my HA setup (which was in a Docker container on an Ubuntu PC) to a NUC running Docker in Ubuntu 20.04. During the migration, I just stopped my old HA container, changed the port forwarding rule on my router to point port 8123 to the NUC, and did my testing on the NUC that way. I have at least 20 integrations (probably over 30), but none of the ones you listed. That being said, I had no problem at all setting up all of my integrations on the new hardware.

Unless your integrations required you to generate HA long-lived access tokens, I think you will be fine. And even if you did generate tokens for your integrations, it is quick work to generate new tokens for the new HA install.

Thanks appreciate the feedback. Will provide some details once I have the time to try.

I will need to research and see if that is required. I don’t recall needing to setup tokens for either but that has been a few years back. Thanks for the feedback.

One final suggestion I would make re: moving to a docker install - and I apologize in advance if you are experienced with docker and don’t need any help - make sure you create you HA config directory in your home directory, and then mount the config directory within the docker container. That way, if there is a problem with Docker you can just remove and reinstall it without affecting your HA config.

Yep, I am using Docker Compose and supervisorless install. So have it setup in this manner. Compose makes it so much easier to update.