Migrating from Hassbian

I’ve been running Hassbian on a Pi 2 for a while now, and it is well past time to upgrade and I’m going with a fresh install of Hassio on a Pi 4.

All of my YAML based config is in GitHub, so I’m expecting that to be fairly straightforward for migrating. My question is, what else do I need to make sure I collect?

I’d really prefer not to have to set up all of the UI based integrations, Lovelace config, and rediscover all of my devices. However, I don’t want to carry over any cruft that my current install has.

Is there a list of items I need to ensure get migrated over?

The .storage folder has all of the non yaml configured setup so be sure to grab that folder.

There is a .cloud folder that would need to be moved if applicable.

The database home-assistant.v2b can be moved. I often get errors with a recovered database though so it may not recover in the new install. If you don’t move it, one will be created on first boot.

If your a zwave user there are a number of .xml .txt and a .sqlite file that will need to be moved.

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