Migrating from HASSIO (SUPERVISED) to docker core

Just trying to migrate from Hassio (supervised) to docker.
Copied all homeassistant folder and planted it on the docker volume.

None of the previous data was restored (lovelace, users, token, integrations, customized entities names etc…).
Only the configutation files where restored, seems like all the setup must be done from scratch all over again!

Is there any more convenient method to restore from hassio to docker?
I’m after 2 days without success here, will appreciate any assistant!

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Did you copied .storage folder ?

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Please be informed that you’ll need to install and configure docker containers for each add-on you have been running in Home Assistant Supervised (the term hass.io has been deprecated around 6 months ago) as Home Assistant Container (Home Assistant in docker) doesn’t support add-ons.

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Damm. I didn’t know there were hidden files and folders!

@TUISTERa you are a saint!

@Burningstone, thanks I’m familiar with this and this will be my next step towards migration.